Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real?
Oh it’s real…and spectacular.

Seriously, though, if I place an order will I actually get the stuff?
Yep. Your card will be charged and we will ship you your items.

What’s all of these notices about fulfillment taking longer than normal?
Many of our products are printed on-demand, after you place your order. So, in addition for transit time, please allow several days for your item(s) to actually be made.

Is Big Jim a real person or is he just a spokes-character?
Despite his legendary quality, Jim is in-fact a real guy who has a lot of experience handling meat.

Will all of the items in my order be shipped in the same box?
Because some of our products are printed at different facilities, they may be shipped at different times from different places. We try to have them come together whenever possible, though.